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We endorse National Mental Health & Dignity Day, a peaceful social justice movement that is the culmination of decades of fighting for an end to prejudice and discrimination against people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. By proclaiming May 4th National Mental Health & Dignity Day, the goal of this movement is to achieve equality under the law, the right of all individuals to choose their own paths to wellness and recovery, and the right to be the architects of their own destinies. We stand with this movement for social justice, on the shoulders of giants, in the struggle to end all civil rights violations. We join with them in their efforts to help create a different future for individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses, and pay homage to the millions who have gone before. On May 4th, groups in California, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia will hold events in their communities to celebrate wellness and recovery, and to raise their voices and demand that all individuals are treated as equal members of society. Together, we are strong.

To learn more about this effort visit their website: where you will find links to their social media, promotional video, national press release and fundraising campaign. ​

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