National Mental Health & Dignity Day

We are coming together as 

communities across the country to

raise awareness, celebrate wellness

and speak out for the rights  and

dignity of persons in recovery from

mental health conditions. 

Proud to be a National Partner with

Creating Community Solutions, an initiative

supported by the US Dept. of Health &

Human Services, Substance Abuse & 

Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

and The White House as a part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health. Visit our page at this link:​

A person with a mental illness, is a person, just like you. In recovery, we don't

look any different, or talk differently. You couldn't pick us out of a crowd. We are not

different. We are your brothers, your sisters,your aunts, your uncles. We are your parents,

your children. We work with you. We worship with you. We are family. We are the

community. We are educated and skillful. We love to share our many talents.We have

passion and wisdom. We want to contribute. We want to build. We are America and we are strong!